Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD)
The South Shore Line

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This site focuses on the South Shore Line passenger railroad operating between Chicago, Illinois and South Bend, Indiana. The line is owned and operated by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) and has been in revenue service since 1908.
The official website is at - NICTD's promotional site is at

This site is designed for railfans interested in taking a look at the line. Highlights of what you may see while railfanning are available.

NICTD is improving service along the line. Recent construction projects were at Torrence Ave (bridge replacement completed November 2012), at Kensington Interlocking (new signaling and bypass track completed Spring 2012) and from Michigan City to South Bend (CTC signal installation and crossing signal replacement - CTC completed December 2011). A high level platform was built at Dune Park in 2013.

New on
Site updates in 2015 include the new schedules (effective March 16th). SEE THE UPDATED MEET POINT GRID.

Site updates in 2013 include construction photographs of Dune Park. READ MORE HERE.
The new high level platform went in to service August 30th, 2013. The full 8-car high platform opened November 13th, 2013.

Site updates in 2012 included adding photographs of Millenium Station and the completed Kensington Interlocking.

Site updates in 2011 included adding photographs of Millenium Station, Van Buren St, Museum Campus, McCormick Place, 57th St, 63rd St and Kensington in Chicago. The signalling changes at Michigan City Shops are reflected on the station page and a new page has been added detaiing the new configuration of CP 32.2.

The "line map" showing track configuration and signalling remains up to date.

South Shore Line History
CSS&SB and NICTD History (no photos)
Accident Reports (accident report PDFs included)
Looking for something orange? See Dave's Rail Pix  for historic South Shore pictures.
For a nice photo collection from 1980 to present see Robert E. Pence's .

Station Photo Gallery
This site features photographs of all of the stations along the NICTD South Shore Line.
Click here for the station list and links to the individual station pages.

Train Photo Gallery - Under Construction
The process of pulling together the collection of photos of trains is underway!
Click here to see the beginning of the photo collection.

Rolling Stock and Operations
Roster Information (no photos)
Car Diagrams (hand drawn paint schemes)
Movements and Capacities (1998)
Detailed Line Map (Frames page - Updated 2009-15)
Including crossings, control points, sidings and signals.
Signal Operations (Updated 2010-15)
Signal Locations (Updated 2010-15)

Train Locator
These pages are an estimation based on public timetables of where the trains are on the line.
Meet Point Grid (Updated for September 2015 Schedules)

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