Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

Maintenance of Way Photo Gallery

Catenary Maintenance Vehicle MTW-100
This vehicle replaced the old line car and is used for stringing and repairing catenary along the line. The vehicle can travel along the tracks under it's own power. It has a pantograph for testing the wire. The work platform provides a safe place to repair the catenary. The arm on the far end of the car has two pulleys to lift the wire being installed to the appropriate height as the vehicle moves along. The rig is also capable of digging holes for catenary support poles.

The platform is turned to aid in installing a support arm.

The boom lifts the wire to the right height for installation.

Reel Pole Trailer RT-100
This vehicle carries the reels of wire needed to install new and replacement catenary and is used in conjunction with the catenary maintenance vehicle.
The vehicle below is used to carry catenary arms.

Other MOW Equipment
In April of 2010, NICTD replaced the crossing on Bendix Drive in South Bend near the airport. The line up of equipment on the airport siding provided a parade of track maintenance equipment.

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