Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

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    NICTD Licensed Radio Frequencies
    3 fixed base repeaters w/50 pagers each (161.355), 1 control base (161.010 in MC), 185 mobile units (all four frequencies) - FCC
    Note: License modified for narrow banding 5/11/2012. 11 kHz or 4 kHz analog or digital transmissions now licensed (along with 16 kHz analog).

    SouthShore Freight Licensed Radio Frequencies
    3 fixed base repeaters (161.355), 1 control base (161.010 in MC), 65 mobile units CH1 & CH2, 30 mobile units CH3, 10 mobile units CH4 - FCC
    Note: License modified for narrow banding 6/12/2012. 16 kHz or 11 kHz analog are only licensed modes.

  • CH1 - 161.355 (AAR 83) Simplex;
    Birchim to Wagner (Mile 19-53, Porter and LaPorte Counties)
  • CH2 - 161.355 (AAR 83) Repeater / 161.010 (AAR 60) Input;
    South Bend to Birchim (Mile 1-19), Wagner to Kensington (Mile 53-76)
  • CH3 - 161.025 (AAR 61) Simplex;
    Illinois Central (Metra - Kensington to Chicago)
  • CH4 - 161.100 (AAR 66) Simplex;
    All trains east of Kensington listen to 161.355
    (Unconfirmed: PL Tone of 173.8 may be used on the Metra and South Shore lines.)

    WARNING: Mobile/portable scanner use in Indiana is restricted by state law IC 35-44.1-2-7 . If your mobile/portable scanner CAN receive frequencies assigned for police emergency purposes you MUST hold an amateur radio license or fall under one of the other exceptions to the law. There appears to be no Illinois law prohibiting or allowing mobile/portable scanner use. Please check with an attorney before using a mobile/portable scanner.

Track diagrams are based on a 1996 diagram of the South Shore Line updated using arial photos from 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011 and personal observation driving along the line in 2009-2012. Assistance provided by checking the charts by Bill Vandervoort available on South Shore Rail Tips Page of the Chicago Transit/Metra Railfan Page.