Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

Van Buren Street Station (Metra)

The Metra Electric platform at Van Buren Street, shared with the South Shore Line - Westbound South Shore trains stop to drop off passengers on the way in to Chicago, Eastbound South Shore trains stop to make their second pickup on the way out of Chicago. There are two platforms serving three tracks at this station. The furthest platform, built into the side wall, is for outbound trains leaving downtown - the closest platform is for arrivals from inbound trains. The other side of the close platform is for Track 2 and trains travel either direction on this track. The photo above was taken in 1998 facing southwest showing the high level portion of the platform. The southern portion of the platform can serve low level boarding trains.
Overhead from the south ... Track 1 and Track 2. Overhead from the south ... Track 3 and the storage track.
Tracks 1 and 2 from platform level. Track 3 and the storage track from platform level.
Looking south along the main outbound platform on Track 1. The low level platform at the south end of the station. Note the extended length of the platform on Track 1 which allows multiple trains to stop at the platform at the same time.

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