Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

Museum Campus / 11th St (Metra)

The Metra Electric platforms at Museum Campus / 11th St. An eastbound South Shore Line train makes a station stop on Track 2. This station is at the north end of the Roosevelt Rd Yard. The platform on the right serves inbound trains while the platform on the left serves outbound trains. The fifth track between the platforms is the yard lead.
Each platform has a staircase and elevator connected to a footbridge that crosses the Metra right-of-way. The platform extends south of the footbridge. Under the bridge is one of Metra's Catenary Maintenance Vehicles.
The entrance to the station as seen from the north. Here the three tracks that run to the north divide into four main tracks and a yard lead to the south. The signal on track 1 is showing the least restrictive aspect for this location, a white light for "Restricting". The closest track to the bottom of the picture is a storage track for maintenance equipment and materials. This double slip switch with moveable frog is part of the 11th Street interlocking. The switches at this junction are manually thrown by a switchtender 6:30am-10:30pm, Monday-Friday. (The switches remain locked in position when the switchtender is not present.)

Roosevelt Road Yard (Metra)

This is the daytime yard for rush hour trains for Metra, as seen in 1998 from the south end. South Shore Line trains do not use this yard but do pass it (on the outside pairs of tracks) about two miles south of Randolph Street. Metra trains use this yard to park during the day on weekdays. The primary Metra Electric District yard and shops is just south of Kensington.

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