Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

McCormick Place / 23rd St Station (Metra)

McCormick Place is a weekend flag stop for South Shore Line trains.

Beneath the spectacular McCormick Place conference center is the less than spectacular 23rd St station. This single platform Metra Electric District station is used by South Shore Line trains on weekends and for special stops for McCormick Place events such as the annual auto show.

The busway entrance under the end of I-55.
(Above) Looking south along the platform we can see Track 2 and Track 1, the outbound tracks. Behind the pillars to the right is the McCormick Busway.

(Right) Looking north along the platform the busway is behind the pillars to the left and Track 3 and Track 4 are to the right. Behind the wall to the right is the CN-IC freight line.

With the CN purchase of the EJ&E freight line the CN-IC tracks at this location rarely see freight. Amtrak's Illini services continue to use the CN-IC. The CN-IC crosses the Metra lines on a bridge just north of the covered segment.

Above the Metra and CN-IC lines are the north and south buildings of McCormick place. The station is accessed via a staircase and elevator from "Level 2.5" of the Grand Concourse.

McCormick Place

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