Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

63rd Street Station (Metra)

The Metra Electric station at 63rd Street features old wooden platforms. The station is not handicap accessible and has stairs from 63rd St and 64th St in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Two platforms serve all four tracks but only three South Shore Line trains stop at this station each weekday. There are no buildings at the station. The former station buildings at street level were torn down when turnstyles were removed from the Metra line. The platform above serves outbound trains.
Looking north from the platform from 64th St. The platform stairs on the inbound platform.

67th St Interlocking
Just south of 63rd St Station is the 67th Street Interlocking. The interlocking features double slip switches and allows trains to cross from any track to any track in either direction. The parallel CN-IC line also has a crossover at this location. (The Metra and CN-IC lines do not interchange at this location.)

In the distance are the 67th Street platforms (not a passenger station) and the tunnel where trains go down to street level and pass under tracks 3 and 4 (and the CN-IC tracks) to serve the South Chicago Branch of the Metra Electric District. The 67th Street Station has been used as a transfer station beteen South Chicago Branch trains and trains serving the loop.

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