Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

Hegewisch Station

Hegewisch is the only South Shore Line station in Illinois - all other Illinois stations are shared with the Metra Electric line. This is the first station where passengers on Eastbound trains from Chicago are permitted to disembark, and the last station to board Westbound trains to Chicago. This is one of the South Shore's most used stations.

Being in Illinois, rates for this station are set by the RTA (METRA).

This station has high level platforms with gauntlet tracks that keep freight and non-stopping trains away from the platform edge.

Looking westbound along Track 1 and the platform normally used for eastbound trains leaving Chicago.

Looking westbound along Track 2 and the platform normally used for westbound trains to Chicago.

Looking eastbound down the platform on Track 2. Note the enclosed waiting room on the platform. The Track 2 platform is completely covered protecting the large crowds of people waiting for morning peak trains to Chicago. The platform for Track 1 can be seen to the right.

Looking eastward down the platform on Track 1. Only a small section on the east end of the platform and the platform ramps are covered. Passengers generally don't wait on this platform as most use it when they return from Chicago.

Westbound toward Chicago. The switches ending the gauntlet tracks can be seen along with the backs of the eastbound CP 70.5 signals. Off to the right in the distance is the Hegewisch Substation.

Eastbound toward Hammond. The switches ending the gauntlets can be seen. A Norfolk Southern railroad crossing is at the end of the fence. The westbound CP 70.5 signals are in the distance on the other side of Burnham Road.

1998 Flashback

This is how the station appeared in 1998 before high level platforms were installed.

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