Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

Gary Metro Center Station

Located on broadway in downtown Gary, the Metro Center is also a major bus station. The station and Metro Center were opened in 1985.

Looking eastbound down Track 2 the 575 ft "add" track used for daytime storage of up to six cars can be seen. Note that the signal cannot show a diverging aspect. Westbound trains normally approach on this track.

The same "add" track is seen looking eastbound down Track 1. This is CP 58.8. Cars move to storage from Track 1 then return for westbound service on Track 1. "Restricting" is used for a move onto the "add" track.

The platform at the station is about 460 ft long which is only long enough to serve a 7 car train. Longer trains must run past the signal at CP 58.8 to allow passengers on the last car to exit. (Passengers in the first car would have to use the rear door in the second car.) At low platform stops only one door per car is opened to allow passengers to board or alight. Doors are normally operated in pairs with the closest door on the next car also opened.

Looking eastbound down the platform on the Track 1 side. This track is generally used for eastbound trains. The station has low level platforms with windbreak benches. The community would like to upgrade the station to include high level platforms and gauntlets similar to East Chicago.

Looking westbound down Track 1 a manual switch can be seen. This switch leads to an approximate 730 ft long storage track that crosses over to Track 2. A spring switch (inset) at each end allows trains to leave the storage track without changing the points on the switch.

There is an elevator and escalator from platform level down to the connecting walkway to the Metro Center. A wheelchair lift is stored in a fenced area outside of the elevator. Retired steam engine E.J. & E. 765 stands in a park next to the South Shore Line.

The Gary station area has been a good location for watching train movements during the day on weekdays as cars are potentially cut from eastbound trains, added to westbound trains, and reversed for trains terminating at Gary. Due to increasing federal regulations cars are rarely cut from and added to in service trains. 37 of the South Shore's 41 daily trains stop at or pass through Gary (36 daily trains stop with 10 trains originating or terminating at Gary).

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