Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

Portage / Ogden Dunes Station

Approaching Ogden Dunes station from the west crossing Hillcrest Road. The station is located on a long double track segment just east of Miller. In 1999 this double track segment was created by joining two high speed passing segments.

The station has a single long platform on the north side of Track 2 with shelters to protect passengers while they wait for a train. Special high loading platforms are available on both tracks. Walkways are available to access trains that stop on Track 1.

A special paint job has been given to the signal cabinet closest to Hillcrest Road (the entrance to the Ogden Dunes gated community). These cabinets are normally painted solid gray.

The high level platforms are designed to serve a single car at a time. The platform edge folds down when a person is waiting to board as a train approaches. This is the Track 1 platform.

1997 Flashback
The new station was constructed at this location in 1998-99. The former station is pictured to the left. This was a flag stop until November 1997. A double tracking project linked the Wilson and Wagner sidings and this station received new platforms and a new parking area. The new parking area and westbound platform opened in November 1998. The eastbound rail and platform was then built in the old parking area. Across the street (US Highway 12) from Ogden Dunes is the Wycliffe Substation.

Construction Photos from 1998-99
The double track project added "Track 2" to the north of the existing single track line between Wilson and Wagner. To provide enough room for the parking lot and platform the new track at Ogden Dunes was built south of the existing track. The main line tracks were shifted south just to the west and east of Ogden Dunes to line up with the new platform tracks. Due to the shortened distance between the tracks and US 12 a traffic light was installed at the Hillcrest Rd intersection with US 12 to allow traffic leaving Ogden Dunes to safely cross the tracks and enter traffic. Turn lanes for entering Ogden Dunes from US 12 were also added. Traffic for the Continental Can plant was rerouted from the crossing to the east of Ogden Dunes to follow a new road along the north side of the parallel Norfolk Southern tracks to Hillcrest Rd. The road crossing the NS line was closed with the road over the NICTD line used as the exit from the South Shore station parking lot.
Looking northeast from the old (now removed) platform toward the new parking lot and platform. (October 30th, 1998.) Looking northwest from the old (now removed) platform toward the parking lot entrance. (October 30th, 1998.)
Late in 1998 with the new parking area open a two car train consisting of cars 12 and 24 makes an eastbound stop at the new platform. The old platform and shelter has been removed and parking is no longer permitted on the south side of the tracks. Construction is beginning on the roadbed for the second track.
A westbound train arrives on the then single main line. Looking east from the crossing at the east end of the station. The new double track is on the left (north) side of the old main line. The crossing has been rebuilt with the new track built on the right (south) side of the main. (January 16th, 1999)
The new high level boarding platform for eastbound trains (Track 1). The handrails have not yet been installed in this picture (and neither has the eastbound track). (January 16th, 1999) The old main line track and what became the Westbound platform. The high level boarding platform just out of view to the left. Note that all of the shelters are lit and have overhead heaters. (January 16th, 1999)

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