Metra Electric District

Metra Signal Aspects

Non-Diverging SignalsDiverging Signals

The defined meaning the signals above is as shown in the Chicago Operating Rules Association guide (CORA), 6th Edition, dated October 1, 2007.
Metra uses constantly lit signals on their mainline. Not all signals above are in use on the Metra Electric District.

Metra Electric District Signals

Metra's signal aspects are similar to those used on NICTD's South Shore Line. On the Metra system a lunar white signal is used for "Restricting". A signal at a location may consist of one, two or three heads as needed to convey information to trains. Single head signals are used where there is no diverging route information to convey. Two heads are used where there is a diverging route and at advance signals for a diverging signal. Three heads are used where there are multiple diverging routes.

Millenium Station to 11th St
North of 11th St the main line is three tracks numbered west to east with Track 1 assigned for southbound movements, Track 2 assigned for both directions and Track 3 assigned for northbound movements. Switches north of 11th St for Randolph St and Millenium Station are remote controlled. Dwarf signals are at each switch to control train movement. The 11th St interlocking is manually operated by a switch tender.

11th St to Kensington
South of 11th St to Kensington the main line is four tracks. Tracks 1 and 2 are assigned for southbound use and Tracks 3 and 4 for northbound use. All switches and interlockings south of 11th St are remote controlled. Running against the current of traffic south of 11th St is possible as all interlockings have CTC signals. Movements are slowed running against the current of traffic as without intermediate signals one large block is created between interlockings. The main line track south of 67th St to Kensington is CTC. Track 1 from 67th to Kensington is used as an morning inbound express.

Kensington to University Park (and Branches)
South of Kensington the Electric District is a two track CTC line. South of Richton the main line becomes single track. CTC is in place on the Blue Island Branch, which is single track with a spring switch passing segment. ABS is used on the South Chicago Branch, which is double track. NICTD trains do not travel south of Kensington or on the branches.

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