Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (NICTD)

Proposed Signals and Track Layout at Gary Metro Center

There are no immediate plans to upgrade the station at Gary Metro Center, however several proposals have been put forth to rebuild the station at the current location or build a new station at a new location. The proposal below shows a potential track setup at the current location adding gauntlet tracks and a high central platform. On gauntlets the through track is the non-diverging route and has additional clearance from the platform. The platform track is the diverging route and has minimal clearance. In the proposal below the add track is moved further east of the station but remains part of the control point. The storage track west of the station remains outside of the control point.

To control the new gauntlet the CP can be extended by moving the eastbound signals to the west of the gauntlet before the platform. The westbound signals are moved as needed to east of the gauntlet. The potential signal aspects are shown below.

Eastbound Trains - Normal Right Hand Running

Westbound Trains - Normal Right Hand Running

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